We look forward to welcoming you to Rosehaven in the near future. Driving directions to our property from both the San Francisco Bay area and from the Los Angeles areas are below. You may also type in your address to the right to quickly get personalized directions from your starting point.

Rosehaven Cabins
On California's Big Sur Coast

Either way... we look forward to seeing you soon!

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A) If Driving North on the 5 or 101 Freeways:

  • If driving North on the 5 feeway from the Los Angeles direction, the easiest way to cross over from the 5 freeway to the 101 freeway is to take route 46 West to Paso Robles. Route 46 runs both East and West at the intersection of the 5 freeway at a small community called Lost Hills. Follow the signage to Paso Robles.
  • At Paso Robles take the 101 North towards Salinas.

Use these directions to avoid driving through the city of Salinas:

  • As you proceed North and approach Salinas look for a highway marker that tells you Salinas is
    10 miles.
  • Very shortly after this 10 mile sign you will see an exit off the 101 to Abbott Street. This is a
    very unusual exit because it exits the freeway to the left, not to the right side of the
    freeway, so you will need to stay in the left Freeway lane to take this exit.
  • Abbott Street parallels the 101 for some distance, and in about 2 miles look for a street sign
    for Harris Street, which is a left turn at a stoplight. This is a small street sign only, so be sure to look carefully for it.
  • Harris street winds around, goes into a big right turn, and at this right turn the street becomes
    Spreckles Blvd.
  • Spreckles Blvd. Takes you to the intersection for highway 68. Turn left and take 68 for
    12 miles to highway 1 in Monterey. Look for the highway one exit after you pass
    the Monterey airport on the right side of the highway.
  • Proceed South on highway 1 through Carmel and come to the stoplight intersection of highway one and Rio Road. This is the last stoplight before you enter the Big Sur Coast portion of highway 1. There is a large shopping mall just to the left of the intersection with Bank of America/Safeway anchors ( this Safeway store is where most of our guests stop to buy provisions). This intersection is also approximately where cell service ends!!
  • Check your odometer at the Rio Road intersection. Palo Colorado Rd. is exactly 11.2 Miles south on highway 1. As a good landmark, after driving about 11 miles South on highway 1 you will see the entrance to the Rocky Point Restaurant on the right side of the highway. At this point you are only ½ mile from your left turn on Palo Colorado.You can also make a phone call from a land line at this restaurant if you have any direction problems.
  • As you turn left on Palo Colorado Road check your odometer again. Our driveway is exactly 3.6 miles up the canyon road. Drive this road very carefully, being careful as you approach each hidden turn. Our home is on the left side of the road, has a wooden fence and gate, and our name is on the mailbox.

B) If Driving North on the Big Sur Coast (i.e., Driving on Highway 1 through San Luis Obispo, Cambria and San Simeon):

  • As you approach the “town” of Big Sur (i.e., you will drive down a long downgrade and will pass the Big Sur Post Office on the left, near a couple of markets) look for the entrance to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, on the right and about a mile down the hill from the post office.
  • Look at your odometer as you pass the entrance to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Our road (Palo Colorado) is exactly 15 miles north from this point on the right. When you reach the Palo Colorado road sign turn right, check your odometer again; our home is exactly 3.6 miles up the canyon on the left, and be sure to drive this narrow, winding road carefully. There is a fence around the property and the front gate will be open.
  • Note that there is no cell phone service generally beyond Cambria, so if you need to call us, you will need to stop and use a land line. Also, if you miss our road after leaving Big Sur, note the Rocky Point restaurant on the left side of the highway. If you get to this point you have gone about ¼ mile too far north.

When you arrive...

Please park on the gravel driveway to our home and we will give you the details on cabin access after we check you in.

Late Arrivals

If arriving after 8 or 9 pm, we may not be available to greet you until the next day. Generally, if the gate is open to our home please feel free to drive down on to the gravel driveway and we will greet you. If the gate is closed, just turn around in our driveway entrance, drive back down the paved road about 100 feet, and turn down the gravel access road on the right and between the two large boulders on either side of the gravel access road. There is a red flag on the left side of this access road. Proceed down this road about 30-40 yards and you will see Morning Lite on the left just beyond the sharp right turn on the access road. Serenity is another 30-40 yards down this road. There will be directions in the cabin about use of the road, the three-point turn and parking.

If you are arriving late, we will have lights on for you and will greet you the next day.


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